It is not always about what we bring to our guests it is what our guests bring to us! Tuesday 5/3, when we least expected it the owner and trainer of KARMA FARMS of Marshall, Texas  came to check out the museum. 

What she did not know is that yours truly is a horse nut and was beside herself when she had the opportunity to meet "Jack" a beautiful Colonial Spanish Mustang Stallion who they had brought to Vivian for pre-show testing. Jack, a twenty-two year old stallion with  a beautiful grullo coat*, was more interested in the sweet green grass that grows in front of the station than he was in us, but it was a pleasure just to visit with Ms. Vickie Ives, his owner and Dylan, his handler. 

Ms. Vickie has promised to come back when we can make arrangements at a time suitable for all, and bring some horses with her so we can introduce them to Vivian. So keep visiting our website for an announcement of the special date.

And check out Karma Farms website too and don't forget to "Like" their Facebook page. 

*Grullo, Grulla, or Blue Dun: A horse with a black base color and the dun gene. Coat is solid "mouse-colored" gray or silver with black or dark gray primitive markings. see
L-R Vickie Ives, Owner & Trainer KARMA FARMS, Jack, Colonial Spanish Mustang Stallion, Dylan, Jack's handler
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