We always say it is as much fun for us to have visitors as it is for them to view the museum. These guests went a step further. They made a beautiful YouTube video highlighted by their own singing and playing.! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Come see us soon and see why people love visiting Vivian Railroad Station Museum.

Today we had some lovely visitors from Siloam Springs, Arkansas. They were in Vivian because one of the ladies wanted to see the town that shares her name. And opportunists that we are, of course we had to have her photo with our Vivian station sign.

In visiting with her mother we had the chance to learn a little bit about Siloam Springs and her life there. It was a real pleasure talking with her.

It is always a joy to visit with folks from other parts of the country as well as those who live right here in town. So much can be learned by listening to another's story. This is why we love our visitors. They bring something of themselves to us every time they come.


Tomorrow is a red letter day for the museum. Lieutenant Governor, Jay Darden and other dignitaries will be here to celebrate the ribbon cutting of our Louisiana By-ways information kiosk. Following a private indoor celebration, a public ceremony will take place at the kiosk at 11:00 a.m.

Must be gettin' old. I have heard myself say "where has the time gone?" way too often lately. However, it truly has.

March in Vivian is mostly centered around The Redbud Festival. The museum is no exception as the different organizations connected with us prepare for the parade. 

This year's theme was Go Green Redbud, and believe me there was a whole lotta green! Not only was the green movement highlighted but, since the festival was held on March 17th, St. Patrick had a hand in it too. 

With Redbud come and gone, we are once again focused on promoting our latest exhibit and hoping for lots of  visitors.

Was this month a fast moving train!!! Here we are speeding into February, which this year will be one day longer. 
Despite its speed, January at the museum was fairly uneventful and a welcome escape from the holiday baggage and bustle.

We look forward to a February full of visitors to the museum, which will set the momentum for 2012.
After a couple of  long, long holiday weekends we are back on track and moving toward our first Historical Society meeting of 2012, on January 17th at 5:00 P.M.
We have been a busy place since late November, what with the judging of Miss Country Christmas and the Chamber of Commerce Open House. 

Taylor Parker was selected Miss Country Christmas,  from a group of seven young ladies based on poise, ambition, and an essay.  In her essay Taylor places a lot of emphasis on family and her career ambition to attend college with a major in History and minor in English, attend law school and become a corporate lawyer and maybe even go into politics.  

The open house was a delicious success thanks to the culinary skills of Missy and Judy Moore and wonderful musical guests, The Singing Warriors from Vivian Elementary Middle Magnet School who sang several selections from their upcoming musical, A Christmas Carol.
2011 Miss Country Christmas, Taylor Parker.
After a record hot summer with wildfires all around us, Autumn could not be more welcome at the museum and Vivian in general.
We saw very little rain durning the summer months and Caddo Lake and Black Bayou, our local water sources are perilously low. Many of us locals have been praying for rain!!! And anytime some does come we literally rejoice. 

Soon we will be back in gear and having meetings at the museum. From Historical Society to DAR we will be busy, but never too busy for visitors.

Hope to see you soon. You and the rain.
It's been a good summer at the museum. We have enjoyed a number of visits by travelers from all over the state and country. One couple came from Picayune, MS bringing many interesting historic anecdotes of their own. 

Three cousins who grew up in Rodessa (one town over from Vivian), but are now living in different parts of the country: Dallas, TX, San Jose, CA, and Seattle, WA enjoyed finding many photos of relatives and friends in our collections. Their enthusiasm was absolutely contagious and we hated to see them go.

Visitors from many Texas towns, Little Rock, AK, and Springfield, MO, Lehigh, FL have come our way. 

Just as exciting to us were our visitors from Lockport, LA, Bossier City, and many from Shreveport. We just enjoy people and seeing them enjoy the museum.

We are thankful to Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau for including us in the Official Shreveport Bossier Travel Guide. 1-888-45-VISIT  and shreveport-bossier.org. Many of our visitors learned of us just this way!
Workmen have been on the tracks all morning, with very little train traffic. When one does come through it loudly warns the workers. And it moves by slowly which is a pain when you are waiting to cross the tracks, but adds a bit of excitement to the museum. We can watch its slow progress past the big windows and get lost in the sound of the rolling wheels. The train that is passing now is a long one and if I'm not careful I will fall asl...